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Raising Pygmy Goats

raising pygmy goats

Raising Pygmy Goats


Goat is a fascinating creature and it can be a source of sustenance, profit, and companionship. However, there are different goat breeds out there and this fact could leave you confused as to what to choose. Well, if you must pick just one, why not learn raising Pygmy goats?


Pygmy goats, as their name implies, are smaller than other goat breeds.

But even though they have a diminutive size, they can produce milk in adequate amounts. However, a lot of breeders do refrain from using their Pygmy goats for meat and milk purposes. Instead, these animals are often raised and bred as pets or show creatures.


Now, raising Pygmy type of goats is easy because these animals are not picky eaters.

But they do have specific requirements that must be met in order to ensure their health. First of all, they need to take foods that are rich in Vitamins A and D. These include yellow corn, green grass, and green hay. Vitamin D can be enjoyed by these goats via exposure to sunlight during the summer season, and via consumption of sun-cured hay via the winter season.


Of course, like other goat breeds, they must take foods that are rich in protein and carbohydrates as well.

These include green leafy vegetables and grains, respectively. When raising Pygmy goats, you should known that these animals are also fans of foliage, specifically fescue, and forbs, specifically dandelion and wild lettuce. They love blackberries and rabbit brushes as well.


To complete their diet, Pygmy must be given enough water everyday.

Their water must be fresh and clean, so proper maintenance is advised. Change their water every now and then to make sure they don’t contract diseases. Giving cool water during the warmer seasons and warm water during the colder seasons will encourage the animals to drink frequently.


For shelter, Pygmy goats must live in an open, dry space.

Build a pen with a fence high enough to fend of threatening animals like dogs. Provide supplementary lighting tools when the temperature goes down to keep them warm.

Finally, when raising goats especially Pygmy, there are a number of health-related things to attend to, such as vaccination, weaning, buck care, and parasite control, to name a few. Pygmy goats must also be groomed regularly to prevent them from harming themselves. Hooves must be trimmed once every four to six weeks. Coats must be sheared when summer sets in. When your animals are healthy, they will be happy and give you a rewarding experience.

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