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Raising Meat Goats

raising meat goats

4 Quick Ways in Raising Quality Meat Goats


The challenge is simple; get the most out of raising meat goats by equipping yourself with the right knowledge so that you can produce high quality goat meat that can command a profitable margin for you.  However, before you can successfully see yourself through in this type of business, you need to be at least informed of the basics on how to raise quality meat goats.  The four ways you can rely on as a novice farmer are the following:


1. Choose the Right Breed for you

Not all meat goats are created the same.  However, by default, you need to have a mixed breed doe and a full breed buck as a staple.  If you cannot afford both at the same time, source from somebody else who has a full breed buck that you can readily rent. This will save you enough “bucks” and “dough” in the long run.  There are strains of meat goats which have been genetically pre-mixed by man in order to cater to the tag of ideal “meat goats” They are the following breeds:


  • South African Boer – characterized by a white body and a red head. This breed is known for high growth rate, muscular stature and short hair.
  • Tennessee Meat Goat – This breed is loved for keeping goats for meat because of their high meat to bone ratio.  They also have ears that protrude on the sides making it look like airplane wings. These breed has a usual characteristic of heavy rear leg musculature.  They can become big and heavy which is also a reason for most farmers keeping them for breeding purposes.
  • Kiko Goat – Feral does from New Zealand were bred with Nubian bucks resulting to this type of breed. Raising meat goats with this breed can prove to be profitable. They grow with large frames making them ideal for meat production. This breed is often colored white like their ancestors.
  • Spanish Meat goat – Producers of cashmere undercoat during winter, this breed is known as the “mongrel type” of the goat family as they have been mixed with so many other types of goats in its history.  They are rugged and tough goats.


2. Provide a sturdy Home for your Goats

It is not enough that you come up with a simple housing for your goats relying on the fact that generally, they are the resilient kind.  But in order to keep their natural predators away from sight, it is important that you come up with a goat barn that is well insulated and clean.  The housing should also be accessible to forage and a sizeable amount of your lot.  Keep fences well entrenched as goats can take advantage of any weakness or kink in your fencing system.  Ask seasoned goat farmers about their practices in raising their goats and providing shelter for them. This can give you a proper insight when learning how to raise goats for meat.


3. Plan on what food you will give your goats

It is a common misconception that grass is enough for goats as feeding source.  Your meat goats need to bulk up on weight and thus, the need to mix things up is indispensable.  As stated earlier, access to forage can provide your meat goats with a variety of grass, shrubs and small plants.  Raising meat goats can be demanding but if you plan it carefully, you can be successful at it.


4. Watch out for their health

The only real way to rearing meat goats successfully are by laying a good foundation in your farming knowledge.  You can take care of the health of your goats by knowing similar goat farmers in terms of their practices.  There are several groups of farmers who are willing to provide useful information for novice farmers like you. Join any one of them and you might get invaluable information or shortcuts that you would only learn from years of raising goats on your own.


There you go; these are the 4 quick ways on how to raise goats for their meat.  While this is not in any way exhaustive, it can give you a head start on how to go about it.  See what others are doing in terms of raising their goats and you will see that what is written here succinctly states what they practice.

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