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Fencing for Goats

goat fencing

Fencing for Goats


Buying goats can be a big investment. That is why you have to make sure that you protect your goats from the very moment that they set foot on your bard to the time that you sell them, and their products, to a buyer. The most elementary precaution that you can build for your barn is a fence. However, even if it may look as crude as any protection unit can look, it also offers the best protection.

Below, you will find a list of goat fencing requirements that you have to remember when building a fence around your goats’ grazing area. If you strictly follow these goat fencing requirements, then you will be able to protect your goats, and your investment in goat farming, from predators and other unwanted circumstances.


First, you need to measure the property that you are going allocate to your livestock. Make sure that the space it big enough for your goats to run around in. Measuring the area will tell you how much fencing you need to buy.

To determine the number of poles that you are going to use, divide the whole are by forty feet. Use poles for the four corners of the area and the proper number of poles in between. Make sure to keep the poles evenly spaced and properly embedded to the ground.

You also need to determine where you are going to place the gate or the opening of the fence. Make sure that you have the fencing completely planned out before you buy your equipments. Find out exactly how much materials you need to prevent overbuying of materials.


After that, go ahead and buy the equipments that you need for the fencing. Use high quality equipments to ensure that your fence will hold up against harsh outdoor elements. Supervise the whole building process to make sure that everything is done according to your preference.

You may also choose to have an electric fence installed to completely ward off predators, but you need to make sure that your goats are protected from it. This will add to the total fence-building expenses but it will multiply the amount of protection and safety that your goats will get.

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